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Getting to where I am currently on my Spirit journey has been a process. Oh, has it ever been a process. It has been a focus, and it has taken work. Actually, I have overworked. Way overworked it. I made it harder than necessary.

Books. Tons of books.  Graduate theological education, formal recognition by my denomination, spiritual direction, study of the Enneagram, these are just a few ways I have invested time, energy and money in my journey. All while keeping the proverbial life balls in the air. Thinking my life was in balance. Telling myself my life was in balance. Oh, yeah. Really.  Reflecting on how way out of balance I was, as well as how out of touch I was with my true self now makes me laugh.

In the last few years Spirit’s lead has become increasingly clear and more frequent. I find yes coming easily to Spirit’s gentle nudge. Each yes has brought clarity that is exciting and scary. But always good. And always filled with grace.

Surprises abound in this new knowing of Spirit. It has been simple. Maybe not easy, but simple. It has taken commitment. It has required discipline. Walking. Simply walking. Walking regularly. Walking early. Walking alone. Walking rain or shine, daylight or dark. Walking in silence.

It has been in walking that I finally showed up. Maybe I have showed up for the first time. In my showing up, in my listening and paying attention, possibilities have presented themselves. Possibilities I never dreamed of. And I have said yes to possibilities and choices that have astounded me as well as some around me. One of those choices provided new insights and lessons. These are the lessons from my littles.


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  1. Carol, as always, I am better for reading your articulately written thoughts. I just re read several of your blogs related to your blessed ‘littles’. I too, am able to share in our family’s ‘littles’ and consider it one of God’s richest blessings in my life. Please know your wise insights have broadened my perspectives, and brought a much needed smile and chuckle as the ‘extra’ benefit. Please keep it up, with thanks in advance for the joy and insight gained from their reading.

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